SS Centaur


CO: CAPT Anni Potts


XO: CMDR Colin Barrow



SPECIALITY: Science and Medical Research

MOTTO: "We Dare to Discover!"

CHAPTER TYPE: Correspondence

CITY OF CHARTER: Shrewsbury, England

NEWSLETTER: The Centaurian, Published Quarterly


COMMS: We have both public and private Facebook groups for members as well as a blog for our non-FB personnel and cadets. This can be found at





Space Station Centaur is a station specifically designed for medical and scientific researchers. With its extensive range of facilities, many medics and scientists come to us from all over the quadrant.


We have a large arboretum in the Primary Hull where we have a number of researchers working with both botanical and zoological specimens. Please be aware that there is a restricted area in this section where our resident palaeontologist has a number of animals in secure areas. Due to the nature of these beasts, they are secured by physical, mechanical and electronic means.


Here, you will also find Centaur village. Complete with shops, restaurants, bars and other eateries, it's an ideal place to relax during your stay with us.


A Welcome Note from the CO:


Welcome to Space Station Centaur.


Star Trek means different things to different people and STARFLEET with over 5,000 members spread across over 230 chapters worldwide reflects this. It means that there is an infinite diversity of characters to be met. As the Vulcans say, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.


The Centaur was newly formed in August 2017 by a small group of members who wanted a chapter based upon the sciences and medicine. Don't be misled, though. That doesn't mean that we are all scientists and doctors. Indeed, the chapter comprises people from every walk of life. Bookkeepers, drivers, carers, students, shop workers—you name it, all are welcome. The wonderful thing is that regardless of our different lifestyles in the real world, those lives are all pushed aside when we get together to enjoy, not just Trek, but science fiction of all ilk. With that in mind, there will always be a warm welcome waiting for anyone who wishes to join us.



CAPT Anni Potts




There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions.


-Jean-Luc Picard

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