USS Iceni


CO: FCAPT Matthew Bergin


XO: CAPT Lorna Bergin


SHIP CLASS: Intrepid


MOTTO: Make Every Moment Count


CITY OF CHARTER: Rainham, England

NEWSLETTER: The Way of the Warrior






Chaplain: The Head Chaplain for the region serves on board


SFMC: 381st Marine Strike Group: Tau'ri Troopers



Our meetings are currently organised around pre-existing events, as we do not have a permanent venue.

A Welcome Note from the CO:


The USS Iceni is a chapter based in the south of the UK with members spread throughout the country. While we try to meet up with each other as much as possible (mostly at sci-fi conventions), we regularly chat online in between events via Facebook and occasionally by email too.


Even though it is not a prerequisite of being a chapter within SFI (Starfleet International), we as a group have chosen to support a UK based charity when attending many of these events called the "Starlight Children’s Foundation UK".


Members are encouraged to take part in whatever is going on and are free to have a say in how the chapter moves forward, bringing new idea to the table whenever they want. This includes people stepping forward to create badges for the chapter as well as redesigning and taking over the editing of our chapters newsletter, ‘The Way Of The Warrior’.


We welcome anyone aboard with open arms and look forward to finding out exactly what you can bring to the chapter. With that said, participation in all the things we do is not mandatory; we want you to enjoy your time with us as much as we enjoy having you aboard.


FCAPT Matthew Bergin



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