The Region

The Region

In this section of the website, you will find details on the region itself. The organisational side of STARFLEET can seem daunting to a newcomer, so instead of repeating the job descriptions you might find in a handbook, we've asked the people currently in each regional role to describe the job as they see it. So that you can put names to faces, each of the regional staff have also provided us with a photo. Look under "Regional Staff" in the drop down menu.

Our "Regional Literature" section may also be of interest to you. Here, you can find the regional handbook, detailing the bylaws and processes used in managing the region. You can also find our regional charter, and some materials our chapters use for recruiting new members.

Also in this section, we have "The Runabout". This is our award winning regional newsletter. Published quarterly, you'll find a mix of facts, fun and fiction in its pages, which are sent in from all corners of the region.

STARFLEET has several sub-groups geared towards particular aspects of life that people find interesting, which you can find on the page marked STARFLEET in the menu above. In addition to these, Region 20 has taken the initiative on two groups that we've been unable to find in other regions. The first of these is the Science Club, who have a Facebook page HERE,

and the second is the Region 20 Replicator, a place for members of the region to exchange recipe ideas and brag about how nice their tea is looking, which can be found HERE.

Should you be curious about how Region 20 got started, a brief history of the region can be found below, just keep scrolling! Thanks go to COMM Dan Adams for the source article for this history!

A Brief History of Region 20

With Thanks to Daniel Adams



The history of The 20th Fleet predates most of our current membership's time with SFI, so very little is known.  This section is mostly the pre history of the region. 


Originally, Region 20 was actually Region 8.  A look through our records shows that apparently, some of our chapters were commissioned some time prior to December 1982.  Little evidence exists from this time, other to illustrate that Star Trek had UK fans, even then. There wasn't as much as much source material to draw upon, with only the TV series, the animated Series and two films to sustain interest in an era where home video was in its infancy.  Add to that, the fact that the Internet as we know it wasn't available to the majority of homes - to make that contact with STARFLEET international, you had to pay international air mail, and to talk to anyone outside of the UK, you had to make an international phone call.  A far cry from today's era where you can become a signed up member of SFI within seconds, and our members can contribute in real time to International Conferences from our own homes, thousands of miles away! 


After a period of inactivity, Region 8 was eventually merged with Europe in Region 9.  Eventually in 1994, the two were separated again, this time, the area that covered the UK, Ireland and the surrounding areas was rechristened Region 20.  It wasn't until 2002 that the first chapters of region 20 launched. 


The preceding paragraphs are taken from secondary sources, mostly from the now defunct


It should be noted that many who were part of the region then are no longer members.   




Say what you will about JJ Abrams Star Trek movies, his film stimulated interest in Star Trek again, and certainly that was to the benefit of Region 20.  With the ISS Rassilon, Captained by Marie 'M' Smith, and the chapter that would later come to be known as the USS Isaac, there was no question of if Region 20 would relaunch, but a matter of when.  Finally, with the appointment of M as Region 20's permanent Regional Co-ordinator, there was very little doubt that we were back. 


Subsequent RC Richard Sams saw to the modernisation of Region 20, when we would come to embrace modern technologies like Facebook. 


In the years since our return, Region 20 has gone from strength to strength.  Region 20 and its members have regularly scored big at International Conference awards, and our correspondence chapters regularly welcome  SFI members from around the world. 


At Fleet and Chapter level, we proudly represent SFI, with presences at the Starbase 24 Banquet, First Contact Day (Now FCD), and many other small events, as well as recruitment/fundraising tables at major conventions such as Collectormania, London Film and Comicon, and Destination Star Trek London. 


Since our return the Region has really cemented its place as part of the fabric of SFI life.  The SFI fortieth anniversary logo was designed by a member of Region 20, and some of our members have served at Fleet level.


Currently, our regional roster is 10 chapters strong, and we have over  400 members! Our regional community is strong, supportive of one another, opinionated and vocal, which helps each of us strive towards the ideals set out by Gene Roddenberry, all those years ago.


We hope you'll consider joining us. For details on how you can do that, click HERE

According to the “biography” Gene and I developed for my character, Uhura was far more than an intergalactic telephone operator. As head of Communications, she commanded a corps of largely unseen communications technicians, linguists, and other specialists who worked in the bowels of the Enterprise, in the “comm-center.” A linguistics scholar and a top graduate of Starfleet Academy, she was a protégée of Mr. Spock, whom she admired for his daring, his intelligence, his stoicism, and especially his logic. We even had outlined exactly where Uhura had grown up, who her parents were, and why she had been chosen over other candidates for the Enterprise’s five-year mission.

-Nichelle Nichols