The logo of R20 showing the flags of the constituent countries around a simple image of the British Isles.


The logo of R20 showing the flags of the constituent countries around a simple image of the British Isles.Region 20

Based at Starbase 20, the 20th Fleet is made up of all of the ships & space stations based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland (or Eire) and all other islands that with the islands of Great Britain and Ireland make up the geographical area known as “The British Isles.”

These club “chapters” are actually individual autonomous clubs that are federated to the international “STARFLEET: The International Association of Star Trek fan clubs“, or SFI for short, via Region 20, the largest region, on a membership basis, outside of the United States.


About STARFLEET International

Founded on May 23rd, 1974, STARFLEET has been giving Star Trek fans a way to meet like-minded people and have fun while trying their best to live by the code that Gene Roddenberry first explored in the original TV show, way back in 1969. On the local level, members can join a chapter with a focus they think they will “gel” with, be that academia, exploration, charity fundraising, military, or a chance to be silly in a uniform once in a while. On the international level, STARFLEET offers members a wealth of resources that aren’t available in most other clubs of this nature. In addition to a great set of membership materials and our regularly-published newsletter, STARFLEET offers members the chance to get involved with STARFLEET Academy, the STARFLEET Marine Corps, the Department of Technical Services, and much, much more. We even have a group of academic monetary scholarships that are awarded to deserving STARFLEET members each year.

STARFLEET is divided into 20 regions, spanning the globe. Each region is divided into individual clubs, known as chapters, who operate and name themselves as ships or space stations, right down to the individual registry numbers! Events are run both at the chapter and regional level, as well as internationally, so if you do decide to join, you can link up with people from all over the world who love Star Trek as much as you do! Each chapter has their own individual way of running their ship, and their own main focus, so if you discover you don’t get along in one chapter, you can transfer at any time, and you’re not limited to your home region (Although we’d hate to see you leave us!)

Groups Within STARFLEET

While everyone in SFI is here because they’re a Star Trek fan, certain groups have sprung up within the international ranks, some larger than others. You can find details of the main subgroups below, although others may exist and fall into disuse from time to time, those listed below seem to be the most enduring. Any paid up SFI member from any region can participate within the subgroups, you are not limited to just one, nor are you expected to join any, if you don’t feel they are for you.


STARFLEET Medical is an established auxiliary department of STARFLEET International, whose focus is to provide help to Chapter and Regional Medical Officers in discharging their duties to their crew or region.

Our services to the Fleet include:

  • Providing each chapter, and by extension each member, support to further medical knowledge and programs for the chapter and the individual.

  • Encouraging members to become certified in CPR and First Aid and to promote such training in their communities.

  • Helping chapters to achieve the short-term goal of at least one member to be certified in CPR and First Aid.

  • Hold a Medical Panel and provide medical Information at International and Regional Summits, depending on the individual officer’s remit.

  • Blood drives, where permissible.

  • Aiming for a long-term goal of having every member of SFI capable of CPR and First Aid.

  • Encouraging every chapter to hold annual CPR and First Aid Awareness Events and provide free or low-cost training to their communities where permissible.

If you are currently serving your chapter as a Chief Medical Officer, nursing staff or technicians then STARFLEET Medical is interested in hearing from you!

The STARFLEET Medical website can be found HERE

There is also a Regional Facebook group for the ASG R20, which can be found HERE

STARFLEET Special Operations (Spec Ops)

STARFLEET Special Operations was launched in 2001 by Captain S. Adam Day as part of the STARFLEET Holodeck program, which is under the command of the Vice Commander of STARFLEET.

Our goal is to provide each member of STARFLEET with a one on one experience, by allowing them to take on the persona of an elite STARFLEET Special Operations soldier. They can do this by taking STARFLEET Academy or STARFLEET Marine Corps Academy tests that allow them to follow one of five career tracks within the SFSO.

They can either be a STARFLEET Ranger, STARFLEET SEAL, STARFLEET Reconnaissance Specialist, STARFLEET Intelligence Officer, or try their hand at becoming a Military Assault Command Operation operative.


Special Operations Units in Region 20 are available in the following chapters:

  • USS Merlin: Unit 369: The Knights of Excalibur

More information on Special Operations can be found on their website, which is HERE



The 20th Brigade is part of the STARFLEET Marine Corps (SFMC) which is a part of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.

Fictionally tracing it roots back to first Roman Legions who came to the shores of Britain in the first century AD, and our proud motto remains to this day “Legio Vicesimae Valeria Victri” (The Twentieth Legion, Valiant and Victorious).

As Marines of the Twentieth Brigade we are members of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, but who also prefer a military flavour in our Star Trek activities, fictionally organised and represented as the Starfleet Marine Corps of the 24th Century.

Many Marines of the Brigade are attached to their own Units who serve as part of the military crew of their Chapter, and all our marines have varying interests, from serving the military in real life, as keen military historians or just for fun. Many of our Marines and our Units regularly take part in charity events; challenges set by the SFMC and take courses at the SFMC Academy. To find out more about the Marines, click HERE.