Spacedock Birmingham

SFR-2021 – Based in Birmingham, England

Commanding Officer: Fleet Captain Sven “SvenOf9” Harvey

Second Officer: Captain Jim Godwin


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Location:  Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Class:  Ournal III

Executive Officer: Captain David Zabiela

Affiliation:  Starfleet

Motto: “Forward”

Launched:  December 2017

Commissioned:  August 2018

At the centre of the road and rail networks is the City Of Birmingham, which for over 40 years has served as the beating heart of Star Trek fandom in Great Britain, is Spacedock Birmingham. This club, which grew out of Geekology was set up to enrich it’s members enjoyment of the fandom whilst also raising money for charities – currently Dazzling Dreams GB and Age UK Birmingham & Age UK Sandwell.

Our aim is to always move forward, just like our city. We support our fellow Trek fans whenever and wherever we can and make the world that little bit better for all.

Spacedock Birmingham is an uprated Ournal Spacedock (Mark III) in geosynchronous orbit above the City of Birmingham. Spacedock Birmingham offers a meeting of minds and safe harbour for visiting personnel from local ships and Starfleet as a whole.

Though she can house ships as large as the Galaxy, Sovereign and even Odyssey classes her dry dock facilities, and those around her making up the Birmingham fleet yards, are building the latest regeneration of the Constitution class starship that proved once again, during the Dominion War, that it was an extremely capable and flexible spaceframe design

Three generations on from the Wyvern subclass that the “Connies” took on during that war, the new James Watt subclass (development code name “Constitution X”) offers a well known space frame, a legendary silhouette, known across the galaxy and a modular approach to make it the most flexible series of ships in the fleet.

The project became the Constitution II X when it was determined that the outline, the very silhouette of the early “refit” Constitution class aka Constitution II Class was still regarded as not only a symbol of Starfleet but a symbol of hope due to it’s association with the V’Ger incident, Khitomer Accords and various other missions of the era as well as rescue and swift response missions during the Dominion War.

Once decided the spaceframe was targetted to be as similar as possible in external layout to such a famous design, while incorporating the hyper-modular system designs and cutting edge technology from tomorrows starships – capable of great humanitarian feats, but also a wolf in sheep’s clothing, capable of complete modular swop out and launch in under an hour from a correctly equipped Spacedock such as Spacedock Birmingham.

Home dock of 8 vessels, all of the new James Watt subclass of the Constitution II class starship (aka Constitution II X):

    • NX-101700 U.S.S. James Watt
    • NCC-101701 U.S.S. Geekology
    • NCC-101702 U.S.S.Optimus Prime
    • NCC-101703 U.S.S. Matthew Boulton
    • NCC-101704 U.S.S. J.R.R. Tolkien
    • NCC-101705 U.S.S. George Cadbury
    • NCC-101706 U.S.S. Terry Pratchett
    • NCC-101707 U.S.S. Julie Walters
Fleet Captain Sven Harvey (CO)
Captain David Zabiela (XO)

Captain Jim Godwin (2O)