USS Alba

NCC- 75024 – based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Commanding Officer: Rear AdmiralEilidh Montgomery

Executive Officer: Fleet Captain Ian Struthers


Facebook: USS Alba “Rec Deck”

Twitter: @ussalba


Chapter info

Sarlah etek dvin-tor! (We come to serve)

The USS Alba is the longest established Scottish based chapter within STARFLEET International, and the only Scottish Starship chapter. Our members are located all over Scotland, as well as in England, Wales, Germany and the USA. Max Grodénchik, aka Rom, and TV personality Lorraine Kelly are also members!

The Alba crew all work together to enjoy Star Trek and to work on real life projects including activities such as designing comm badges, giving First Aid presentations, and watching Star Trek episodes and films together.

We also enjoy making the most of our fictional ship and run regular role-play games such as security exercises and battle drills!

We are based in Edinburgh and the crew also meet up regularly for sci-fi cons in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen as well as other social events such as the Alba’s birthday celebrations every November.

The main underlying element to the Alba’s success as a chapter is that every member of the crew believes in Gene Roddenberry’s dream for the future, and makes that a part of their life on board the Alba, and in their daily lives off the ship. As we come from many backgrounds, cultures, and lands, we embrace the Vulcan philosophy of IDIC and this is very important to every crew member.

Should you wish to join the Alba you will be made very welcome and as a new member it is important that you set your level of interaction with the group. There is no obligation or expectation to take part in events or dress up in uniforms etc (unless you want to!), we just want our members to feel comfortable and have fun on the Alba!

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Dif-tor heh smusma! (Live long and prosper!)

RADM Eilidh D. Montgomery, Commanding Officer